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When Peace Comes...

January 04, 2018  •  1 Comment

This is a post I have delayed writing for many reasons. As a photographer I often am called on to document the good, the not so good and the ugly. The day before one of our annual all family portrait sessions, This happened...

Father Of 5 Shot, Killed In Compton Garage

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I have been at a loss for words ever since. I have been with this family for over 10 years documenting births, birthdays, graduations, reunions, proms, adoptions and regular old lets just get together and make images, and then I was asked to participate in the eulogizing of a man whose family started as clients but quickly became friends.

In 2017, so many have passed on in my personal family and in my close circle. I understand your grief. You and your family will remain close in my heart and in my prayers. I will not stop praying until peace comes.

Here is the link to the images from the Memorial Service



I truly love and appreciate you both. Words could never ever express my gratitude. As I sit here with tears in my eyes I want you to know just how happy I am to have been exposed to this kind of memory of him, us and our family. I so needed this.....thank you thank you and thank you again.
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