CJ : The Best Frisistarant. A Happy Birthday Tale

August 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Because there are no words in the English language that could completely encompass the fullness of who you are to me, I made up a word that really only scratches the surface. You are a friend, a sistah, and one of the best assistants I have ever had. You have challenged me personally and professionally, cared about what I cared most about, grieved with me, pushed me, aggravated me, went toe to toe with me, and helped me to build a business I can be proud of.

I generally don't get all mushy, but I felt it was time to publicly express how awesome you are. You are beautifully talented, there is literally nothing you can not do (although I have yet to hear you actually play the violin hint hint), smart (sometimes too smart), direct, honest, tenderhearted, passionate, creative, super organized (almost manically so, it's one of the things we clash about), thoughtful, giving, loving, faithful. You don't seek the limelight though it should shine brightest on you, you are goofy and your BC has been annihilated (I mean who hasn't seen the Wiz!?) and even though you choose Z's side waaaaaaaaaaaaay to often, I am glad I know you.

May your Birthday bring you joy as it does for me. I would say you have been teased, but um, you've seen these already. I think it's PAST time for some new Images. I mean you do work for a photographer...IJS


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